On the home page you'll notice there are several pigeons roosting in their pigeon holes. Each represents a style of music in which Michelle has performed, and each link will reveal a bit of her history in these genres.


Variety is part of what makes Michelle so unique. Her talents span the fields of music, fine arts, arts and crafts, and literature. Every creative endeavor is an expression of inspiration, whether she's songwriting, composing, painting, sculpting, sewing, or writing stories. Having experience as a professional photographer and graphic artist gives her even more tools with which to express her ideas, and that is her wish...to share her visions with others; to take people on aural and visual journeys, transporting them to fantastical worlds.


Russ Elliot (Musical Discoveries ) has written an in-depth musical biography on Michelle that is now archived from the original Michelle Young website. It can be found here.